Behind-the scenes marketing operations are the processes that support and optimise marketing campaigns and teams. They’re not as glamorous as your company’s award-winning TV advertisements or interactive digital ads, but they are the foundation that allows marketers to meet their crucial business goals and improve over time.

The term “marketing operations” is commonly used to describe the process of creating and maintaining marketing assets, such as collateral, data management and reporting and integrating all of these with the rest of the business. It can also encompass a greater scope, for example, project management and data analytics IT support, as well as other administrative functions.

Modern marketing teams are multi-disciplinary, which includes sales, design and software development. This means a range of different systems and processes have to be linked to ensure marketing teams are providing the right content at the right time to achieve the business objectives.

A significant part of the role is establishing and enhancing marketing tech stacks that reduce complexity and enable the team to meet their goals faster. Typical tasks include managing marketing technology stacks, evaluation and approval platforms and content management systems.

A clear, well-defined process in place helps marketing teams to accomplish their goals more effectively. They can share their marketing strategies with internal stakeholders and provides everyone with an understanding of what is expected from them. It allows marketing teams to establish SMART goals that are specific, measurable Realistic, Attainable, and Time-bound (SMART) so they can make more realistic timelines for their projects and campaigns.

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