Apple is renowned for setting high standards in privacy and security of data for its users but iPhones aren’t safe from hackers. Criminals can take sensitive information by stealing it from the iPhone apps that collect this information on a daily basis. This includes browsing history pictures, passwords, and the current location.

The most basic way to guard your iPhone against apps is to use a strong passcode -one that you can actually remember and don’t write down in a notebook somewhere (you should be doing this already). Another good idea is to turn off the ability to display notification content on the lock screen, which will prevent strangers from accessing your personal information without unlocking your phone.

If you’re looking to take it a step further, ensure that you are using the Screen Time passcode feature that allows you to set up an individual alphanumeric code or at a transfer contacts from iphone to iphone minimum, disable access to your four-digit numeric code, that will make it harder for thieves to force your passcode until they get it right. You can also turn on the feature that erases all information from your iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts. This will render your iPhone unusable to thieves, though it may still be unusable if you cannot access iCloud photos and other content.

You should consider installing a mobile security app that you trust, like Clario. It can alert you to harmful websites and help protect your identity from theft on Instagram and other social media blocking annoying ads and potentially dangerous ones, improve your privacy by using the VPN and more.

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