Boards are powerful in an organization that is not for profit, but only if they’re managed by the best people. Board members should have an enthusiasm for the cause and the time and energy to dedicate to their duties and have the skills to advance your organization’s mission. A diverse board with diverse backgrounds is the ideal way to attract these people. This gives you different perspectives, which is critical for making good decisions.

Many organizations have their very own nomination procedures. These may be outlined in your bylaws or they may require the establishment of a nominating committee. A nominating committee can include the current board members or an independent third party hired to conduct evaluations. The nominating committee should take a meeting and thoroughly examine the membership list, the bylaws, a description of the tasks of each office and eligibility requirements for candidates.

The nominating board will select the candidates to be presented for election by the entire board. This can be done via ballot or voice vote depending on the membership. The nominating committee can use an election platform that is managed, like DirectVoteLive or myDirectVote to streamline the process of voting and ensure transparency.

After the nominees have been presented for selection the member group will employ a method for voting, such as plurality or preferential nominations (depending on your bylaws). Voters who preferentially nominate candidates have the chance to voice their preferences in more detail rather than just a simple majority vote. This gives a more precise information about how members of your group are feeling about each candidate.

new board members

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